1 Dec 2017 15:45

Iranian FM calls on region to pool anti-ISIL efforts

BAKU. Dec 1 (Interfax) - Countering ISIL (banned in Russia), which poses a threat to Afghanistan, requires the combined efforts of countries of the region, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said.

"ISIL is a threat to Afghanistan and promotes an increase in radicalization in the country. Fighting it requires joint efforts. Iran is actively combating terrorism and extremism at the regional level, specifically in Syria and Iraq," Zarif said at the Heart of Asia conference in Baku on Friday.

Iran also supports a political solution to the crisis in Afghanistan, he said.

"Clearly, stability cannot be achieved without political dialogue. We believe that this requires the development of an inclusive strategy, without which lasting peace in the region in general cannot be achieved. We [the countries of the region] need to combine efforts and resources on that track," he said.

Opium production has doubled in the past year, Zarif said. "Iran is actively working with Afghanistan to fight drugs. We are preventing drug transit in the direction of Europe. We are calling on other countries to join the fight against drugs," he said.