5 Dec 2017 20:31

Human rights commissioners sign memorandum on creating Eurasian alliance

MOSCOW. Dec 5 (Interfax) - The human-rights commissioners of Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, and Iran have signed a memorandum on creating a Eurasian alliance of human-rights ombudsmen, a spokesperson for the Russian ombudsman, Tatyana Moskalkova, said.

"On December 5, in Moscow, Russian human rights commissioner Tatyana Moskalkova, the Akyykatchy [ombudsman] of the Kyrgyz Republic, Kubatbek Otorbayev, the human rights defender [ombudsman] of the Republic of Armenia, Arman Totoyan, and the chairman of the General Inspection Office of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Naser Seraj, signed the Memorandum on the Creation of a Eurasian Alliance of Ombudsmen," the spokesperson told Interfax.

The alliance is open to all human-rights commissioners in Europe and Asia, the spokesperson said.

The alliance's aim is to maintain regular contact to allow commissioners to deal with fellow citizens' problems abroad, has no political goal, and is purely of a humanitarian and legal nature, Moskalkova's spokesperson said.