7 Dec 2017 09:35

Russian bases in Syria will continue functioning after end of military operation, will develop further - MP Shamanov

MOSCOW. Dec 7 (Interfax) - Not only will Russia's Hmeimim military base and the Russian Navy's logistics and technical support base in Tartus in Syria continue to function following the completion of the military operation, but they will also sustainably develop, head of the Russian State Duma Defense Committee Vladimir Shamanov told Interfax.

"Not only will both bases in Syria, both in Hmeimim and Tartus, continue to function, but they will also steadily boost their qualities and capabilities in light of the long-term prospect of our presence in this region, which is far from being quiet," Shamanov said.

"Today Syria has entered a post-conflict settlement period with its difficulties and its specifics, but Russia has accumulated vast experience as a result of the so-called first and second campaigns in the Caucasus," he said.

"We have something to share with our Syrian colleagues and other guarantors of peaceful settlement processes in Syria," he said.

"Our colleagues and we will now jointly specify a post-conflict settlement plan and will formulate one of the documents, namely a schedule for withdrawing a certain amount of forces and hardware, but it is up to the supreme commander-in-chief to make a decision on all this," Shamanov said.