8 Dec 2017 16:24

Saakashvili to conduct 'march for impeachment' of president in Kyiv on Sunday

KYIV. Dec 8 (Interfax) - Mikheil Saakashvili, the leader of the Movement of New Forces and former head of the Odesa region's state administration, has promised to take part in a "march for impeachment" on December 10.

"The events that occurred on Tuesday affected me. I strained my voice yesterday and today, I have a fever, but I promise to be up next to you again by the March on December 10! See you on December 10. We are meeting at Shevchenko Park at noon and going to the Maidan," Saakashvili wrote on Facebook on Thursday evening.

Saakashvili was earlier put on the list of wanted persons. The Prosecutor General's Office has called on him to turn himself in. Saakashvili is suspected of attempting to abet criminal organizations and the concealment of their criminal activities, committed by a group of people by previous concert or by a criminal organization. On December 5, Saakashvili was detained by Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) officials in his apartment building in Kyiv, but was freed by his supporters while being taken to the prosecutor's office. Saakashvili and his associates later made a tent city near the Verkhovna Rada. Operative units of the National Police and SBU have been put in charge of searching for him.

In the meantime, Pavlo Bogomazov, a lawyer for the politician, said Saakashvili currently does not have any procedural status in any criminal proceedings.

"He is currently a person who by law is not in any procedural status in any criminal proceedings, because not a single procedural document was given to him during his illegal detention," Bogomazov said.

He said law-enforcement officials have still not given Saakashvili and his lawyers any search protocols, detention protocols, search warrants, or detention warrants.

He also said no documents, not even a summons to a questioning, have been received from investigators and prosecutors in the past three days.