9 Dec 2017 09:44

Russia, Belarus to share data on citizens banned from travel

MINSK. Dec 9 (Interfax) - The Belarusian and Russian Interior Ministries will be sharing information on their citizens banned from traveling abroad, the Belarusian ministry said after a Union State Council of Ministers meeting in Gomel on Friday.

"During the event, the Belarusian and Russian interior ministries signed a Protocol on the exchange of information on Belarusian and Russian citizens banned from traveling abroad. The document was signed by Belarusian Deputy Interior Minister Nikolai Melchenko and Russia's First Deputy Interior Minister Alexander Gorovoi," the ministry said.

The protocol determines the way such information will be shared, the form of the electronic document itself, and the list of personal data of the Belarusians and Russians banned from traveling outside the Union State of Russia and Belarus, Alexei Begun, head of the ministry's citizenship and migration department, said.

The Council of Ministers also discussed more than 20 other issues concerning the formation of a single migration space, the ministry said.