11 Dec 2017 10:58

SERB activists who disrupted screening of Donbas film at Moscow theater set free with obligation to appear in court

MOSCOW. Dec 11 (Interfax) - Administrative charges of disobedience to the police have been brought against SERB movement activists detained for disrupting the screening of The Flight of the Bullet, a film about the war in Donbas, at the Artdocfest film festival in Moscow, movement leader Igor Beketov told Interfax on Sunday evening.

"They have set us free. All of us have been charged under Article 19.3 of the Code of Administrative Offenses [disobedience to a lawful demand of a police officer] and released with the obligation to appear in court," Beketov said.

He said the date of the hearing is not yet known.

The police have not commented on the incident at the theater.

According to media reports, activists sprayed a smelly liquid in the movie theater Oktyabr, where the film was due to be screened, and the screening had to be canceled.

Beketov told Interfax that the screening was actually sabotaged by the SERB activists and said that he and two others were detained and taken to a police station for an inquiry.

A number of SERB activists, among them Alexander Petrunko, were detained on December 8 after an incident at Jock Sturges' photo exhibition Absence of Shame 2.0 at the Lumiere Brothers Gallery. The 47-year-old activist who poured a liquid over one of the photographs was detained and charged under Article 20.1 of the Code of Administrative Offenses (petty hooliganism).