14 Dec 2017 17:55

Moscow prosecutors warn Yashin against holding unauthorized rally in Moscow

MOSCOW. Dec 14 (Interfax) - The Meshchansky Inter-District Prosecutor's Office has warned Ilya Yashin, head of the Krasnoselsky municipal district, against conducting a rally disguised as a festival.

"It was established that Krasnoselsky municipal district head Yashin was spreading information about the organization, on December 24 of this year, on the grounds of Lermontov Square in Moscow, of what is effectively an unauthorized rally disguised as a local festival," the Moscow Prosecutor's Office said in a statement on Thursday.

"Because said event was not permitted by Moscow's executive authorities, the Meshchansky Inter-District Prosecutor has cautioned Krasnoselsky municipal district head Yashin of the unacceptability of violating the effective legislation and warned him of the liability imposed by law," the spokesperson said.

Yashin earlier announced his intention to stage a Free Elections Day festival in his district. After that he said that he had "officially demanded that the prosecutor of Moscow issue warnings to the Central Administrative District prefect and the head of the Moscow security department, who are trying to obstruct the festival in violation of the law."

For its part, Moscow's department of regional security and combating corruption asked Moscow prosecutors to formally warn Yashin of the unacceptability of violations of the law, because the opposition activist had failed to secure the authorities' permission for the event.

During September's local elections, Moscow candidates from the Solidarity movement won a majority in the Krasnoselsky council.