14 Dec 2017 22:04

FSB makes public over 1,200 documents regarding situation in USSR in 1922-1934

MOSCOW. Dec 14 (Interfax) - The Russian Federal Security Service's (FSB) Central Archive has presented a collection of documents titled "Top Secret: Lubyanka to Stalin about the situation in the country (1922-1934)."

"A ten-volume edition prepared by archive employees of the Russian Federal Security Service's Central Archive in close cooperation with leading domestic and foreign specialists in the history of the USSR, which has revealed unique, earlier unpublished documents about different sides of the life of Soviet society in 1922-1934 to the scientific community, has been presented," the FSB Public Relations Center said in a statement shared with Interfax on Thursday.

Some 1,225 documents were published in the edition, which makes it possible to recreate a rather comprehensive picture of the political-economic situation in the country and will aid in "countering attempts to falsify the national history," the collection's authors said.

The FSB Department of Registration and Archive Funds together with the Russian Academy of Sciences' Russian History Institute held the presentation. Heads and employees of the Federal Security Service, the Federal Archive Agency, the Russian Academy of Sciences, state and departmental archives and the Russian Orthodox Church attended the event.