15 Dec 2017 12:57

Kamaz says it will boost production 10% in 2018

KAZAN. Dec 15 (Interfax) - Kamaz plans to produce 43,000 trucks in 2018, the company's corporate newspaper reported, citing Kamaz Executive Director Yury Gerasimov.

"Kamaz had a successful 2017. The company planned to produce 36,500 trucks. Instead there will be around 39,000, of which slightly over 6,000 will be exported. The forecast for 2018 is 43,000 trucks. The increase will come from domestic demand with capacity that marketers estimate at 65,000 units," the newspaper said.

In this way, the company plans to boost production over 10%.

The materials said that every sixth Kamaz truck produced today is of the new model range. The share of such trucks will grow to 25% in 2018 and exceed 10,000 units.

After 2019 production of the K4 generation truck model will be phased out while production of the K5 generation truck model will increase.

Kamaz also said that 6.5 billion rubles of diversified production would be produced this year, with that figure set to rise to 7.5 billion rubles next year.

"At our engine factory, capacity creation is racing ahead for 30,000 new P6 engines per year. Lines for assembly and linkage have been installed and painting and processing of the cylinder block line and integral cylinder head. The first ten motors of the plant will be produced this year and 200 units will be assembled next year," the newspaper said.

Kamaz CEO Sergei Kogogin said earlier that he expected current rates of growth on the truck market to continue in 2018 "because a certain amount of saturation had ended." He said there would be moderate growth on the market in 2018.