23 Dec 2017 19:53

S-400 Triumf crews begin patrolling airspace over Primorsky Territory

MOSCOW. Dec 23 (Interfax) - Air defense missile crews of the Eastern Military District on Friday began patrolling the airspace over Primorsky Territory, the district's spokesperson said on Friday.

"After a the solemn ritual of combat deployment, the S-400 Triumf surface-to-air missile systems were positioned and began protecting the airspace of the Primorsky [territory]," a statement said.

All of the regiment's troops first were re-trained, then the Triumf system was received from the manufacturer, tested in live firings at Kapustin Yar testing range, and then the whole regimental kit of it was delivered by train to Primorsky Territory, the spokesperson said.

Before the regiment was armed with the S-300 SAM system which proved its reliability, the spokesperson said.

"The capabilities of the new equipment allow detecting aerial targets within more than 600 kilometers, making it much more efficient in combat than its foreign counterparts," the statement said.

The S-400 system entered service in 2007. It is designed to destroy military aircraft, cruise and ballistic missiles, including intermediary-range ones, and can be used against ground targets.