26 Dec 2017 11:09

All terrorist sleeper cells eliminated in Ingushetia - Yevkurov

MAGAS. Dec 26 (Interfax) - The last terrorist sleeper cell has been liquidated in Ingushetia with the detention of five accomplices to the attack on a traffic police post, Ingushetia head Yunus-Bek Yevkurov told a press conference in Magas, responding to Interfax's question.

"The men who have just been arrested and the other two, one of whom was blown up and the other shot and killed, were under police surveillance for a long time. Their families were categorically denying their involvement in the crime. It was a so-called sleeper cell," Yevkurov said.

There are no sleeper cells left in the republic, the situation is under control, and local law enforcement agencies are experienced in uncovering and averting such threats and challenges, he said.

All security services of Russia, including those in Ingushetia, will stay alert for the period of the 2018 presidential election and the FIFA World Cup, Yevkurov said.

"Those who dare to hinder this process following orders from abroad and harm the home country and its people should not expect any mercy. They will be subject to relevant measures, which may be harsh. Before our young men do something they should not think about themselves, although they may hope for a fast track to heaven, but remember they will leave their families grieving," he said.