26 Dec 2017 17:28

Russian National Guard to ensure security at 90,000 polling stations during presidential election

MOSCOW. Dec 26 (Interfax) - The Russian National Guard will ensure the security of 90,000 polling stations during the presidential election in March 2018, Guard First Deputy Director Sergei Melikov said.

"The forces are tasked with ensuring the security of over 90,000 polling stations in the period of the Russian presidential election. More than 45,000 of those polling stations are located in cities, with the rest in the countryside," Melikov said.

The Russian National Guard gained experience during the State Duma election in 2016, Melikov said. More than 40,000 servicemen of the Russian National Guard provided security for that election together with about 20,000 employees of private security companies, volunteers, and Cossacks.

The security of polling stations will be evaluated prior to the election, and National Guard servicemen will be stationed at every polling station on March 18.