26 Dec 2017 18:26

Communications minister sees double standards in blocking of Kadyrov's Facebook, Instagram accounts

MOSCOW. Dec 26 (Interfax) - Russian Communications and Mass Media Minister Nikolai Nikiforov has described the removal of Chechen Republic head Ramzan Kadyrov's accounts from Facebook and Instagram as an expression of double standards and said that the Justice Ministry and the Prosecutor General's Office should deal with this situation.

"It is a clear example of double standards," he told reporters, replying to an Interfax question.

"We need to evaluate it and the Justice Ministry and the prosecution should make a legal assessment," the minister said.

The existing situation shows that "the Internet is not outside of politics," Nikiforov said.

"Unilateral politically-motivated actions by certain states" should also be avoided, he said. "To that end, an international document should be adopted so that we have a legal framework and foundation," he said.