28 Dec 2017 15:40

S. Ossetia should be part of Russia - President Bibilov

TSKHINVAL. Dec 28 (Interfax) - It is historically unjust when one people, the people of Ossetia, is divided, South Ossetian President Anatoly Bibilov said.

Speaking at a press conference in Tskhinval on Thursday, he again confirmed his commitment to the republic's inclusion into the Russian Federation.

"I am a convinced support of South Ossetia's inclusion in the Russian Federation. I respect the opinion of those who want the republic to keep its independent status. However, those who are sincerely for the independence of South Ossetia, should consider why their viewpoint is akin to the position of Georgia, which also opposes the inclusion of the republic in the Russian Federation," Bibilov said.

South Ossetia should become part of Russia again and be united with North Ossetia, he said.

"It's historical injustice when one people is divided, and we should correct this injustice," Bibilov said.