28 Dec 2017 17:25

Aton's Andrei Zvyozdochkin replaces Ruben Aganbegyan as chairman of Exchange Council at Moscow Exchange

MOSCOW. Dec 28 (Interfax) - Aton investments firm CEO Andrei Zvyozdochkin has replaced the former chairman of Otkritie Bank Ruben Aganbegyan as chairman of the Moscow Exchange's Exchange Council, the stock exchange said in a statement.

The Moscow Exchange supervisory board confirmed the new Exchange Council, made up of 25 members representing the chiefs of the most widely traded stocks on the market as well as the heads of major self-regulatory bodies, management companies, investment banks and the Russian Central Bank. The new Exchange Council elected Zvyozdochkin as chairman.

The council is down one member compared to that formed in 2015 while several were changed; outgoing are Otkritie representatives Aganbegyan and Yevgeny Dankevich as well as the former President of B&N Bank Alexander Lukin.

The Exchange Council's main role is to draw up strategic proposals to develop exchange infrastructure and the Russian financial market.