28 Dec 2017 21:56

Tbilisi confirms detention of Georgian citizen in Turkey on ties with terrorism suspicion

TBILISI. Dec 28 (Interfax) - The Georgian State Security Service confirmed reports that a Georgian citizen suspected of ties with terrorism, in particular, with Akhmed Chatayev, who had been eliminated during a special operation in Tbilisi in late November, has been detained in Turkey, the Georgian media said on Thursday.

Georgian citizen Gocha Saginadze, also known as Ali, has been detained in the Trabzon province on Tuesday, the State Security Service said.

Turkish security services detained Saginadze on the ground of information provided by the Georgian side, the State Security Service said.

The detained man is suspected of having ties with Chatayev, who had been eliminated in Tbilisi, it said. Materials related to ISIL were also seized during his detention, the service said.

"The Georgian State Security Service closely and actively cooperates with Turkish colleagues, as well as relevant services of other partner states," the Georgian media citied the agency as saying.

ISIL is a terrorist group banned in Russia.