31 Dec 2017 15:40

Putin wishes change for better, success, wellbeing to Russians, peace, prosperity to 'beloved, one and only Russia'

MOSCOW. Dec 31 (Interfax) - President Vladimir Putin said he believes since his childhood days that every wish made on the New Year's Eve will come true.

Residents of Kamchatka were the first to hear the New Year's address of the president.

Putin reminded Russians that this is a family holiday first and foremost.

"We are celebrating it just as we did in our childhood, with gifts and surprises, with deep warmth, and with expectations of important changes. They will definitely happen in our life if every one of us always remembers one's parents, looks after them, and cherishes every minute spent together with them, if we understand better our children, their aspirations and dreams, and if we support those near us, those who need our assistance and goodness," Putin said.

"The ability to help and be kind and caring is what brings a genuine human meaning to our life," Putin said. "No matter where we are, either at a family table, in a merry company, or on festive streets, all of us share the New Year's spirit, and modern technologies can convey our feelings to the near and dear who may be hundreds or thousands kilometers away," he said.

Putin sent "special greetings to everyone who is now at work, fulfilling a military or professional duty, working a shift at a hospital, piloting an aircraft, or driving a train."

"All of us are together on this beautiful New Year's night. We are also together in our daily affairs. The unity, friendship and selfless love for the fatherland multiply our strength for the sake of commendable deeds and high achievements," Putin said.

Putin cordially thanked "everyone for having faith in themselves and the country, working, and achieving results." "May trust and mutual understanding always be with us," he said.

As the year 2018 is approaching "there is still time to tell each other the most sacred words, forgive mistakes, let grudges go, hold each other, declare love, and show kindness and care," he said.

"Let the life of every person and every family change for the better, let everyone be well and children be born and make us happy," Putin said.

He wished success and wellbeing to compatriots and "peace and prosperity to our great Russia, our beloved and one and only."

"Be happy! Happy holiday, happy New Year 2018," Putin said in conclusion.

As reported earlier, the New Year's address of Putin will be aired by Channel One for all 11 time zones five minutes before midnight. The space communication system, satellites, and cable networks will be engaged for doing that.