11 Jan 2018 11:38

United Russia ready for effective interaction with Putin's campaign headquarters - head of United Russia Supreme Council

MOSCOW. Jan 11 (Interfax) - The United Russia administration said it is ready to contribute to Vladimir Putin's election campaign.

"United Russia is ready for working, effective interaction with the campaign headquarters. This applies to party structures and our supporters' associations: those who have party membership cards and those who are not officially members of the party are ready to join the common work where it will be needed," Boris Gryzlov, the head of the party's Supreme Council, told reporters on Thursday.

He believes all political and public forces that support Vladimir Putin in his election campaign feel the same way.

Putin is running for president in Russia as a self-nominee. The presidential elections are scheduled for March 18.

Gryzlov said the co-chairs of Putin's campaign headquarters, Sergei Kogotin, Yelena Shmelyova and Alexander Rumyantsev, are people well-known in the party and "their areas of work largely reflect the national priorities for the near-term and long-term perspective: industrial and technological development, education, and healthcare."