15 Jan 2018 19:12

Ukrainian ombudsman wants to visit to Ukrainian border officers in Moscow jail

KYIV. Jan 15 (Interfax) - The Ukrainian parliament's human rights commissioner Valeriya Lutkovska has asked her Russian counterpart Tatyana Moskalkova to check the human rights situation of two Ukrainian border guards held at Lefortovo prison in Moscow, and also wants to visit them.

The request followed a meeting with relatives of Ukrainian border officers Ihor Dziubak and Bohdan Martson, the Ukrainian ombudsman's website said on Monday.

"Relatives of the border guards said in particular that the investigator, who is probing the case of the Ukrainian border guards, has been denying them permission to meet with them. A meeting between a Ukrainian consular official and the detained Ukrainians took place in the presence of a Lefortovo prison officer who they said prohibited them from speaking in their mother tongue and kept interrupting their conversation," the statement said, citing examples of violation of the rights of the jailed border guards.

In addition, Dziubak's mother said that her son's condition deteriorated and he needed an additional medical examination and treatment.

"In view of the above, I am asking you to check this information and, if it proves right, take necessary measures within your competence to ensure respect for the rights of Ukrainian citizens Ihor Dziubak and Bohdan Marson, in particular to be allowed to meet with relatives and friends, and speak to the consul in their mother tongue. I am also asking you to assist with organizing a proper medical examination of the health condition of Ihor Dziubak and providing him with necessary medical aid," Lutkovska said in the letter to the Russian ombudsman

She also proposed continuing the practice of joint monitoring visits with her Russian counterpart.

"I am also letting you know that there are two Russian FSB [Federal Security Service] border officers, Askar Kulub and Vladimir Kuznetsov, held in Ukraine. In view of this, I am offering you jointly to make a monitoring visit to the Kherson jail to monitor respect for the rights of said Russian individuals. For my part, I would ask you to assist with organizing my meeting with the detained Ukrainian citizens Dziubak and Martson at Lefortovo prison" the Ukrainian ombudsman said in the letter.

It was reported that two Ukrainian border guards disappeared in the Sumy region of Ukraine, not far from its border with Russia, on October 3, 2017. Later Russia officially confirmed the arrest of two Ukrainian border guards.