23 Jan 2018 15:03

Makeyev Center resumes work on light reentry vehicle to bring satellites to low orbits

MOSCOW. Jan 23 (Interfax) - The Makeyev State Rocket Center is working on the Korona one-stage reentry vehicle, Makeyev Deputy General Designer Sergei Molchanov said at the Korolyov Readings in Moscow.

"A one-stage reentry vehicle will be designed to avoid intermediate stages in launch missions. The rocket will be bring [satellites] to low near-Earth orbits with altitudes ranging from between 200 and 500 kilometers and an inclination of up to 110 degrees," Molchanov said.

There will be no disposable elements in the rocket, which will be used for at least 100 missions.

"The rocket's energy-intense elements will be used at least 25 times, and the rocket will perform at least 100 flights," he said.

"The cruise engine will be a liquid-fuel external combustion engine with a modular combustion chamber and a shortened core running on the high-energy hydrogen-oxygen fuel pair," Molchanov said.

"Carbon-composite material has been chosen as the main material of the rocket, and ceramic tiles will be used for thermal insulation," he said.

The new vertical-takeoff rocket will have takeoff-and-landing shock absorbers, a takeoff mass of 270-290 tonnes, a payload of up to 7 tonnes, a diameter of up to 10 meters, and a length of over 30 meters, Molchanov said.