24 Jan 2018 17:33

Vostochny Port handles 1.3% less coal in 2017

VLADIVOSTOK. Jan 24 (Interfax) - Vostochny Port , the largest stevedoring company at the Port of Vostochny in Primorye and specializing in the transshipment coal for export, handled 23.2 million tonnes of coal in 2017, the company said in statement.

The company handled 23.5 million tonnes of coal in 2016, meaning this year's figure is down 1.3%. The company said that its annual plan has been fulfilled.

The stevedore unloaded 317,000 open wagons of coal of which 195,000 or 62% were high load capacity.

A total of 539 ships were loaded at the port's docks of which 191 or 35% were Panamax cargo ships and 46 (8%) were capesize.

South Korea remained the biggest cargo recipient, account for 29% of the port's cargo turnover. Japan was in second place with 26% and Taiwan in third with 16%.