26 Jan 2018 12:49

Overpass supports damaged by outburst flood at Russian field base in Antarctica

ST. PETERSBURG. Jan 26 (Interfax) - An outburst flood of Lake Razlivnoye has occurred at Russia's Molodyozhnaya field base in Antarctica, the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute said on Thursday.

The outburst flood occurred on the morning of January 19. The water carried away an iron support of an old overpass and bent two other supports. The water drained into Opasnaya Bay.

"The walls of the channel created by flood waters are up to 12-15 meters tall, and the channel is up to 10 meters wide. The outflow of lake water ended on January 23. The field base's infrastructure is intact," the institute said.

According to many years of records, outburst floods from Lake Razlivnoye occur every eight to ten years.