29 Jan 2018 19:07

Georgian MPs offended by NDI office head's words that Trump cannot even find Georgia on map

TBILISI. Jan 29 (Interfax) - Georgia's parliamentary majority were offended by the words of Laura Thornton, the head of the National Democratic Institute's (NDI) office in Georgia, that U.S. President Donald Trump could not event find Georgia on the map and demanded an apology from her.

"If Ms. Laura wants to criticize the president of her country, she does not need to insult Georgia to do so," Mamuka Mdinaradze, the chair of the faction of the parliamentary majority, the Georgian Dream, told Interfax on Monday.

He said he agrees with the opinion of Irakli Mezurnishvili, a member of the parliamentary majority, that Thornton's statement was not really appropriate.

Lawmaker Mezurnishvili demanded public apologizes from the NDI office head.

Last week, the Georgian media said Thornton ironically wrote on Facebook account that "with great likelihood, Trump cannot even find Georgia on the map, not to mention that he does not watch the results of our survey."

Meanwhile, the Georgian parliamentary opposition does not agree with the majority and said it believes the NDI office head, as an ordinary U.S. citizen, criticized the president of her country and did not mean to insult Georgia.