31 Jan 2018 17:56

Russian Armed Forces receive 21 Yars strategic missiles in Q4 2017 - Defense Ministry

MOSCOW. Jan 31 (Interfax-AVN) - The Russian Armed Forces received 21 Yars mobile and silo-based strategic missiles in the fourth quarter of 2017, Col. Oleg Stepanov, the head of the Defense Ministry's department of military representative offices, said on Wednesday.

"A total of 21 ballistic missiles, 19 autonomous launchers, 33 combat duty vehicles, seven command posts, and 310 other components were delivered," Stepanov said at the Defense Ministry on the unified military goods commissioning day.

Maj. Gen. Pavel Burkov, the commander of the 39th Missile Division, also reported the acceptance and commissioning of Yars-S missile systems.

"The rearmament of the 357th Missile Regiment with the Yars-S mobile missile systems has been completed," he said.

"Since December 2017, the 39th Missile Division has been on combat duty, composed of two missile regiments armed with the Yars mobile missile system and one missile regiment armed with the Yars-S mobile missile system," Burkov said.

Stepanov said Russia launched six intercontinental ballistic missiles in 2017 to extend the warranty terms of missiles on combat duty and for training purposes.

"The equipment performed as planned, and the goals set were achieved," Stepanov said.