6 Feb 2018 11:38

CEC to decide whether to register Sobchak, Suraikin as presidential candidates on Thursday - campaign staffs

MOSCOW. Feb 6 (Interfax) - The Russian Central Elections Commission (CEC) has found enough valid signatures among those collected in support for Ksenia Sobchak's and Maxim Suraikin's nomination for presidency to register them as presidential candidates, and they will be registered as such on Thursday, the campaign staffs of both potential candidates said.

"The CEC has completed the verification procedure and found only 1.33% of invalid signatures among those collected for Sobchak," Sobchak's campaign staff said.

The Civil Initiative party nominated Sobchak presidency.

The CEC is supposed to make a final decision regarding Sobchak's registration on Thursday, it said.

Suraikin, nominated for presidency by the Communists of Russia party, told journalists on Tuesday the CEC had found 3.72% of the signatures in support for his nomination as invalid and would also make a decision on his registration on Thursday.