7 Feb 2018 12:15

Moldovan president satisfied with ongoing campaign against unification with Romania

CHISINAU. Feb 7 (Interfax) - Moldovan President Igor Dodon is satisfied with the first results of his campaign in favor of Moldova's statehood.

"A majority of the counselors from 50 administrations of over 50 populated localities signed declarations supporting [Moldova's] statehood and rejecting unification with Romania within less than 24 hours," Dodon wrote on Facebook on Wednesday morning.

"Anyone who wanted to see whether Moldovans can be advocates of their state and patriots can take a look at those results. Their [the administrations'] number will be growing day by day, and hundreds of populated localities will make such statements shortly. Moldova has dignity, Moldova has a future!" Dodon wrote.

The result that supporters of unification with Romania achieved is the opposite of what they expected, Dodon said. "Instead of unifying with Romania, they will get Moldovan patriotism. Except for a handful of misled and bought local deputies, our citizens are strongly opposed to any unionist declarations and actions. Unionism is not just an anti-constitutional and punishable criminal offense. Unionism personifies national humiliation and betrayal of the fatherland. I regret that some people have contracted this ideological disease," Dodon said.