9 Feb 2018 14:50

N. Korean ManGyongBong ferry leaves Vladivostok - operator

VLADIVOSTOK. Feb 9 (Interfax) - Primorye border guards have permitted the North Korean ManGyongBong ferry to leave Russian waters for the North Korean port of Rajin, Vladimir Baranov, the general director of InvestStroyTrest, which operates the ferry line, told Interfax.

"The border guards came to the ferry boat on their own, in my absence, and issued all documents necessary for the ship's departure from Russia. The ferry is leaving for Rajin," Baranov said, without providing any details.

The ManGyongBong, whose captain sent a distress signal because of a deficit of fuel, arrived in the Vladivostok port and passed every inspection but did not receive permission to dock. The stranded crew ran out of food. Food was finally supplied on Thursday.

The ferry boat has a crew of 30, all of them citizens of North Korea.