9 Feb 2018 18:27

Abramov/Abramovich firm bought 24.5% of TransContainer in hopes of growth in value

MOSCOW. Feb 9 (Interfax) - Yenisei Kapital LLC, a company controlled by Alexander Abramov and Roman Abramovich, acquired 24.5% of shares in PJSC TransContainer at an acceptable price in hopes of growth in value.

"The price suited us. With the goal of making money," Abramov told reporters on the sidelines of Russian Business Week, asked why the stake was purchased.

"We are always selling everything. We do everything with the goal of making money and at each specific moment balance risks and returns. If the price if right, we buy. If we are offered a good price, we sell," he said when asked whether the TransContainer stake would be sold.

"There is a mandatory [offer]. If someone buys a controlling stake, they are obligated to make an offer to minorities. If there is a competitive contest at the tender, then more likely the price will be good. Accordingly, whoever wins a controlling stake at some price is obligated to offer to buy all outstanding shares at that price," Abramov said.

He did not rule out participating in a tender on sale of the controlling stake in TransContainer owned by Russian Railways (RZD), but indicated that for now interest in the asset is at present more of a potentiality. "There is interest. But, so to speak, I'm interested in having lunch every day. It's at that level," he said.

"Everything depends on the terms. When you know the terms, what's the point in discussing something further? That is, I could lie or say something silly. But I don't like looking like an idiot," Abramov said.

"If it is being sold cheaply on good terms, of course we will embark on that. And not only there," he said without specifying the assets he had in mind, saying he doesn't know what will be put up for sale.

"The terms of the tender [on sale of a controlling stake in TransContainer] will most likely be drawn up under the new government. What's the point in speaking now?" he said.