22 Feb 2018 15:25

Govt commission on foreign investment to discuss Schlumberger, EDC deal at next meeting, decision unlikely - Artemyev

MOSCOW. Feb 22 (Interfax) - Schlumberger's plans to buy Eurasia Drilling Company (EDC) will again be a topic of discussion at the upcoming session of the government commission on monitoring foreign investment at the end of March, the head of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) Igor Artemyev said.

"In any case, we will not go beyond this issue. It could be considered an interlude, as a lot time has passed and we will announce what terms we have agreed on, i.e. what procedure, why this could be dangerous or not. The commission could immediately make a decision, but I wouldn't say that this is to be expected," Artemyev said on Thursday.

"An unbiased, open conversation is ongoing and instructions on how to proceed will be given there. So a final decision at this commission, I think, can hardly be expected," the FAS chief said.