23 Feb 2018 21:12

U.S. sanctions strengthening to provoke Pyongyang to strengthen its nuclear capacity - Russian MP

MOSCOW. Feb 23 (Interfax) - By imposing severe sanctions on North Korea's 27 companies and 28 ships, the United States is provoking Pyongyang to develop its nuclear and missile capacity, Anton Morozov, a member of the State Duma Foreign Affairs Committee, said.

"By imposing the next round of stringent sanctions, the U.S. is provoking North Korea to increase its efforts on the missile and nuclear capacity again," Morozov told Interfax on Friday.

"It is a major threat for us, of course. God forbid mayhem involving nuclear weapons begins on the Korean Peninsula, the fallout would threaten our Far East, Primorye and so forth," he said.

"We hope our diplomats will join in and we will also be involved via parliamentary committees in order to convince North Korea to conduct negotiations peacefully and resolve the conflicts," Morozov said.

He said that he regrets that "the U.S. side adheres to the principle of 'might is right' and is most likely reluctant to negotiate."

The U.S. Department of the Treasury announced imposing sanctions as part of countering North Korea's nuclear and ballistic missile program. Sanctions target one individual, 27 shipping and transport companies, and 28 vessels.