1 Mar 2018 16:48

Russia, Egypt may resume flights in spring

MOSCOW. March 1 (Interfax) - Direct flights between Russia and Egypt will most likely resume this spring, an informed source told Interfax.

"In late February, the Egyptian national carrier provided Russia with a package of technical documents which, among other things, specifies measures to ensure aviation security. It's an indispensable condition for the beginning of flights to Russia," the source said.

The documents have not been translated into Russian.

"Time will be needed to translate and certify the documents. The documents will then be analyzed for compliance with requirements. We're talking about fulfilling the final formalities to resume flights. It is believed that they may resume this spring, maybe by early April," he said.

Egyptian media have reported, citing EgyptAir CEO Safwat Musallam, that the Egyptian carrier intends to resume flights to Moscow by the end of April. Russian Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov had said repeatedly that regular flights between the capitals of the two countries were expected to begin in the second half of February. He said there would be five flights a week at the beginning, including three EgyptAir flights and two Aeroflot flights.