5 Mar 2018 18:44

S. Korean parliament assured Trump it won't allow war on Korean Peninsula - parliamentarian

MOSCOW. March 5 (Interfax) - Seoul will not allow a war to begin on the Korean Peninsula, and South Korean parliamentarians made this clear to Washington last fall, a member of the Korean National Assembly and head of the bipartisan parliamentary group on peace and cooperation in Northeast Asia, Chung Dongyoung said.

"We visited the U.S. and met with members of the Trump Administration there last October, and we said there that we would not allow a war on the Korean Peninsula to begin, no matter what," Chung said at a meeting with Russian Federation Council Foreign Affairs Committee head Konstantin Kosachyov in Moscow on Monday.

Kosachyov said he would not claim that Moscow's and Seoul's approaches toward modern problems of international order fully coincide, but he said he was sure that their interests are identical.

"This interest is that the world should be safe and stable, and that there should be no mutual threats and no risk in it that a military conflict could begin, which is particularly relevant, considering that the DPRK is our common neighbor," Kosachyov said.

Russia and South Korea do not share the same views, but this doesn't prevent them from maintaining dialogue, he said.

The relationship between the two countries is in an advanced phase of their development, he said.

"But it would be premature to say that there are some breakthroughs in our relations, while Russia is certainly prepared for this," he said.