13 Mar 2018 20:15

Geneva discussions stagnating, Tbilisi taking no steps for settlement - Abkhaz Foreign Ministry

SUKHUM. March 13 (Interfax) - Georgia is taking no real steps promoting the establishment of a dialogue, and the Geneva discussions are in stagnation and futile, Abkhaz Foreign Minister Daur Kove said.

"At the Geneva international discussions the Abkhaz and South Ossetian delegations are facing Georgia's reluctance to accept the realities, which have evolved in Transcaucasia, and its categorical refusal to adopt a joint document on the non-use of force," the republic's foreign minister told reporters in Sukhum on Tuesday.

"From our point of view, endorsing this sort of document can lay a good basis for talks seeking to settle interstate relations between Abkhazia and Georgia through the mediation of Russia and other international actors, which are involved in the peaceful settlement process," he said.

"The Geneva international discussions on security and stability in Transcaucasia are in stagnation and have not yielded the desirable result over many years," he said.

"We drew attention to Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili's recent statement, in which he confirmed Georgia's readiness to establish the direct dialogue with the Abkhaz and Ossetian peoples. It is necessary to emphasize that it is already not the first statement of the sort issued by Georgian top officials. The problem is that we have yet not seen Georgia's real steps, which would contribute to the establishment of dialogue and settlement of the conflict as a whole," the Abkhaz foreign minister said.

"We would like to hope that Georgian authorities this time will display their political will and will begin practical implementation of their own statements," the Abkhaz foreign minister said.