14 Mar 2018 14:34

U.S. astronauts to go on maintenance spacewalk in late March

MOSCOW. March 14 (Interfax) - U.S. crewmembers of the International Space Station will do maintenance work on the station's exterior during an additional spacewalk in late March, a source in the rocket-and-space industry told Interfax.

"The spacewalk is due to begin at 3:10 p.m. Moscow time on March 29 in accordance with the U.S. program. The primary objective of the extravehicular activity is to move the reserve pump control unit to the possible place of repair," the source said.

According to the most recent information, astronauts Andrew Feustel and Richard Arnold will go on a spacewalk shortly after their arrival at the ISS.

"The astronauts will go on a spacewalk just six days after their arrival. [...] This is a [previously] unscheduled event," the source said.

It was initially planned that the extravehicular work would be done by NASA's Scott Tingle and JAXA's Norishige Kanai.