28 Mar 2018 17:21

Law enforcement agencies seize over 234 tonnes of drugs in 7 years - interior minister

MOSCOW. March 28 (Interfax) - Law enforcement structures have seized over 234 tonnes of drugs from illegal circulation in seven years, Russian Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev said.

"The amount of seized banned substances has exceeded 234 tonnes during the period of the implementation of the strategy since 2011. A total of 35,000 drug-related crimes committed by organized gangs were solved. Activities of over 500 crime syndicates, many of which had a transnational nature, were stopped," Kololtsev said at the Federation Council on Wednesday.

Law enforcement officers detect over 200,000 crimes related to drug trafficking, 70% of which are grave and especially grave crimes, annually, he said.

"The number of recorded drug users has decreased by 67,000 persons since 2011. The number of persons, who committed a crime under the influence of drugs, decreased almost by 18% last year, while the number of minors [among them] decreased by over a third," the minister said.

The Russian president signed a decree approving the strategy of the state anti-drug policy until 2020 in 2010.