31 Mar 2018 13:26

Antonov: diplomats' expulsion damaged potential of Russian embassy in U.S., but it to continue work to stabilize bilateral relations

WASHINGTON. March 31 (Interfax) - The expulsion of Russian diplomats has undermined the potential of the Russian Embassy in Washington, but the diplomatic mission will not reduce its effectiveness and will work for stabilization of Russian-U.S. relations, Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Anatoly Antonov said.

"I believe that the embassy's potential was undermined, people, who were responsible for specific areas of interaction with the United States in the field of culture, commerce, economy, cooperation in space, are leaving," Antonov told reporters.

They are "also expelling two persons from the memorial group, who were engaged in the noblest work, they cared for the remains of those Russians, those servicemen, who were buried in the U.S.," he said.

"I believe this activity was so open, so noble and so sacred. It is deeply regrettable and disappointing they removed those persons," the Russian ambassador said.

"I would like to confirm that the embassy will not reduce its efficiency, it will continue working energetically to stabilize Russian-U.S. relations in order to prevent their further deterioration or fall into the abyss, because seemingly there's nothing left to deteriorate," Antonov said.