3 Apr 2018 16:13

Mozhaisky Academy student charged with terrorism found to be insane

MOSCOW. April 3 (Interfax) - The Moscow District Military Court announced on Tuesday the results of forensic psychological and psychiatric examination of St. Petersburg's Mozhaisky Military Space Academy student Vadim Osipov, who is accused of plotting a terror attack, indicating that he is insane.

"According to the conclusions of a forensic examination, Osipov has been found insane. He doesn't account for his actions, nor is he cognizant of the implications of his acts," court spokesperson Irina Zhirnova told Interfax on Tuesday.

Osipov has been sent for treatment to Psychiatric Hospital #5 in Troitsk for six months. Doctors have diagnosed him with an acute polymorphic disorder with schizoid symptoms, she said.

"In six months, if his condition improves, he will undergo a follow-up forensic psychological and psychiatric examination at the Serbsky Institute," Zhirnova said.

According to investigators, Osipov was making preparations for an armed takeover of a barrack. Detectives found a scheme designed as part of his plans to seize the building in Osipov's belongings. According to the case files, the 18-year-old student from Orenburg was knowingly acting "to destabilize the activities of the Russian Federation state authorities and the Academy's military command".

The student was indicted with an offence determined by the Russian Criminal Code as "assistance to terrorist activities".

Osipov was arrested on April 13, 2017. He pleaded not guilty.