6 Apr 2018 20:22

Kyrgyz first deputy PM resigns due to inquiry into public funds embezzlement case

BISHKEK. April 6 (Interfax) - Kyrgyz First Deputy Prime Minister Askar Shadiyev, who also holds a seat in parliament, has resigned due to the investigation of a criminal case on the embezzlement of budgetary funds in the Kyrgyz parliament.

Shadiyev, who is a member of the pro-government Bir Bol (Be Together) faction of the parliament, submitted his notice of resignation to Prime Minister Sapar Isakov, Chygyz Esengul, head of the Kyrgyz government's information management department, as reported by Interfax on Friday.

"Commenting on his decision, Shadiyev noted that he considers it necessary to resign to avoid casting a shadow on the government's work [...] due to a continuing trial in the criminal case of embezzlement of budgetary funds by the former head of a section of the Jogorky Kenesh's [parliament's] international affairs, defense and security committee, Arsen Zakirov," Esengul said.

He recalled that prior to his work at the government, Shadiyev had headed the international affairs committee at the parliament and supervised Zakirov's activities.

Esengul cited the first deputy prime minister as saying that he "had always worked honestly, on behalf of national interests."

According to the Kyrgyz Constitution, the prime minister and deputy prime ministers can hold a post in the government and a seat in the parliament at the same time. The Bir Bolt faction member was appointed the first deputy prime minister at the beginning of this year.

The criminal case against Zakirov was opened in February; he is suspected of embezzling budgetary funds totaling $30,000 (over 2 million som).

According to the National Security Committee, Shadiyev was repeatedly invited for questioning at the security services as part of the investigation of the criminal case. The deputy prime minister said earlier that he is not involved in the embezzlement of budgetary funds.