13 Apr 2018 10:51

Putin's presidential term should be prolonged - Kadyrov

MOSCOW. April 13 (Interfax) - There is currently no alternative to Russian President Vladimir Putin, so prolonging the president's powers beyond two terms should be considered, Ramzan Kadyrov, the head of Chechnya, said.

"For as long as our president is in good health, we should not think about a different president. That's my personal opinion, and I am not changing it. There is currently no alternative to Putin," he said in an interview with Interfax.

"Therefore, I believe we can make a decision on the prolongation of the powers of the president beyond two terms. Why can China [do that], why can Germany [it was recently decided in China not to limit the powers of the president of China to two terms, and in Germany Angela Merkel is serving her fourth term as chancellor], but not us?" he said.

"If it needs to be done in the interests of the people, why can't we make changes? My personal opinion is that we shouldn't even ask Putin! The people, the Federation Council, the State Duma, other state institutions should initiate and make such a decision, collect signatures, and put it up for a national referendum. I'm certain that ultimately everyone will support it," Kadyrov said.