21 Apr 2018 13:44

N. Korean leader reduces tensions, keeps its main trump by suspending nuclear tests - Senator Pushkov

MOSCOW. April 21 (Interfax) - The suspension by Pyongyang of nuclear tests is a smart move that reduces the tensions on the Korean Peninsula, Alexei Pushkov, chairman of the Federation Council commission on information policy, said.

"Kim [Jong Un] is skillfully involving the United States in dialogue that is elevating his status and creates his image as a reasonable leader. Halting nuclear tests is a smart move, bearing in mind that a nuclear potential has already bene created. In this manner, Kim is reducing the tensions on the Korean Peninsula while meeting his main trump," the senator said on Twitter.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has announced his decision to suspend nuclear tests and IBM tests from April 21.

In his speech at the plenum, he said such policies will be "a new strategic course based on the most scientific and revolutionary line of the party."