23 Apr 2018 15:45

Armenian PM resigns

YEREVAN. April 23 (Interfax) - Armenian Prime Minister and former President Serzh Sargsyan announced his resignation on Monday.

Sargsyan said in a statement circulated by the government's press service that he was addressing all citizens, including those who have been protesting in Yerevan over the past several days, "for the last time."

"Nikol Pashinyan [the leader of the protesters] was right. I was wrong. The situation that has taken shape has several solutions, but I will not resort to any of them. This is not my thing. I am leaving the post of the country's leader, the post of prime minister," Sargsyan said.

Sargsyan acknowledged that protests against him have been growing. "I am meeting your demand. I wish peace to our country," he said.

Since April 13, Yerevan and a number of other cities in Armenia have seen round-the-clock, thousands-strong rallies and protests against Sargsyan's appointment as prime minister.