7 May 2018 13:08

Putin believes in Russia's success

MOSCOW. May 7 (Interfax) - In his inauguration speech on Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin promised to do everything in his power to ensure that the country is successful and achieves a breakthrough.

"We will definitely achieve success. I believe that it will happen. To that end, I will do everything in my power," Putin said.

"In the course of the more than 1,000 years of its history, Russia has more than once gone through periods of unrest and trials and has always revived, like the phoenix, achieving heights which others could not achieve, which were considered unachievable, and for our country they, on the contrary, became a new trampoline, a new historical landmark for a further powerful burst forward," he said.

"I am convinced that we will achieve a breakthrough today, because we are one powerful team capable of performing any task, even the most complex. And let love for the fatherland, the best things that exist in people, inspire each of us to search, to improve ourselves, to succeed personally, to work for our families, inspire us to work hard for the well-being of our country," Putin said.