7 May 2018 18:43

Putin orders govt approve action plan, macroeconomic forecast through 2024 by Oct 1 - decree

MOSCOW. May 7 (Interfax) - Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered that the Russian government adopt the primary trends of the government's activity and the Russian socio-economic development forecast through 2024 by October 1, the presidential decree published on Monday indicated.

Under the decree, these documents should be drafted, "envisaging mechanisms and the provision with resources for achieving national goals," which are spelled out in the decree.

As objectives the decree listed the following tasks earlier voiced by the Russian president in his annual address to the Federal Assembly, including ensuring the steady Russian population natural growth, an increase in life expectancy to 78 years (to 80 years by 2030), ensuring the steady rise in citizens' real incomes, the pension growth higher than the inflation rate, halving the poverty level in Russia, improvement of housing conditions for at least five million families every year, acceleration of Russian technological development, an increase in the number of organizations implementing technological innovations, up to 50% of their overall number, ensuring the accelerated introduction of digital technologies in economy and social sector, Russia's joining the top five largest global economies, ensuring economic surge rates higher than in the world with preserving macroeconomic stability, including keeping the inflation rate under 4%.