10 May 2018 20:25

Journalist, law enforcement officer hurt in brawl outside Ukrainian TV channel Inter's owner house - police

KYIV. May 10 (Interfax) - A group of public activists, who came to people's deputy of the Opposition Bloc faction Sergei Lavochkin with their demands, have clashed with law enforcement officers ensuring order near the MP's house in the populated locality of Kozin in the Obuhiv district of the Kyiv Region that left two persons injured, the press service of the National Police department in the Kyiv Region reported.

"On the basis of a letter delivered yesterday to police from a political figure seeking to protect himself, protect his own property and property of his relatives, police units were dispatched to the populated locality to ensure public order. However, protesters and police officers have clashed. As a result, two persons, that is, a journalist, who has filed the relevant application with police, and a law enforcement officer, were hurt," the statement released on Thursday said.

Investigative teams are working at the scene and are looking into every detail of the incident. Police are documenting the incident, which will be legally evaluated afterwards.

As reported, over 100 National Corps activists went to Levochkin's house in the populated locality of Kozin at about noon on Thursday in order to call for changing editorial policy of the Inter television channel controlled by him.

Activists have clashed with law enforcement officers shortly after that.

Unknown attackers have sprayed tear gas, and the explosion of stun grenades was heard, as well.

According to previous reports, a Molotov cocktail was thrown into the building housing the Inter television channel's administration in Bulvarno-Kudriavska Street in Kyiv.

Supporters of the National Corps radical extremist party and national squads came to the Inter television channel building on May 9. "We demand that the leadership of the TV channel remove propaganda, anti-Ukrainian content from the evening broadcast on May 9. If this does not happen, we reserve the right to take any appropriate actions in response," the website of the National Corps said.

National Corps members call their action indefinite.