15 May 2018 20:04

Ambassador Huntsman views strengthening of business ties as basis for improvement of Russian-U.S. relations

MOSCOW. May 15 (Interfax) - Business ties between Russia and the United States should serve as the foundation for the improvement of bilateral relations, U.S. Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman said.

"There of course remain profound disagreements between our governments on a number of policy issues, thankfully relations between our people, and that includes business relationships, remain strong. It is those relationships that will be the foundation of improvements in our bilateral relations," Huntsman said in a video address posted on the U.S. embassy's Twitter account.

"That is why through my time as ambassador, as I promised at my confirmation hearing, I made building such connections a priority," he said.

Participation in the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) is an important part of those efforts, the U.S. diplomat said, adding that he is looking forward to the opportunity to visit this forum.

Even though he would not participant in panels at the SPIEF, he is planning to hold as many meetings as possible in order to talk about prospects for the future, the ambassador said.