30 May 2018 16:15

Bill on liability for observing sanctions against Russia may be passed at first reading before end of July - Volodin

MOSCOW. May 30 (Interfax) - The amendments to the Russian Code of Administrative Violations dealing with liability for the observance of sanctions on the territory of Russia may be submitted to the State Duma in June and passed at first reading before the end of the spring session, which ends in late July, Russian State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin told reporters on Wednesday.

"This bill will most likely be submitted in June, then the procedures required the bill to be sent to the regions (for familiarization), monthly sending before the first reading and then another monthly sending before the second reading," Volodin said.

"As to administrative liability and issues relating to this provision, the State Duma may begin debating it in the spring session, but if you talk about the adoption of this regulation, it will definitely happen in the fall," Volodin said.

The meeting of the council on legislative activities, where the amendments will be debated, will be held in the second half of June, he said.

"Most likely in the second half of June, bearing in mind that this week and the next week are the time needed for discussing [the bill] with the government, and then we will immediately submit the proposals on which we will have worked with the government to the council on legislative activities," Volodin said.

There is currently no final edition of the amendments to the Criminal Code on this matter as adjustments are being made on the amendments, he said.