1 Jun 2018 20:14

Police detain several nationalists amid reports about provocations being planned against protesters outside parliament in Tbilisi

TBILISI. June 1 (Interfax) - A large-scale protest against injustice is under way outside the Georgian parliament building in Tbilisi.

Several hundreds of protesters, who are backing the father of the senior school student killed in December 2017, believe that prosecutors are covering up the killers of his son.

At the same time, the protest organizers are telling protesters from time to time that members of the Georgian March nationalistic organization, who want to stage provocations, are gathering allegedly not far from the parliament outside the state philharmonics building.

According to local media, several members of Georgian March have met outside the state philharmonics building. They told reporters that they had supported the protest on the square outside the parliament, but they had not shared political demands for the government's resignation and declaring an early parliamentary election.

According to media, the police have detained several Georgian March members for breaching the public order.