5 Jun 2018 21:31

Up to 1,000 troops in Western military district take part in tactical drill in Leningrad region (Part 2

MOSCOW. June 5 (Interfax-AVN) - Up to 1,000 contract servicemen and up to 300 units of weaponry and equipment are involved in a tactical exercise, which began on Tuesday at the Luzhsky training range (Leningrad region) by a reinforced motorized-infantry battalion of the Western Military District, the District's spokesperson said.

The troops will practice new, unconventional approaches to defensive and offensive types of warfare, the district said in a statement obtained by Interfax on Tuesday.

"During live fire drills, the unit commander will have armored, artillery, motorized-infantry and air forces units practicing reconnaissance-fire and reconnaissance-strike contour during a maneuver carried out with given forces and equipment. To practice inter-service cohesion, the commander of the battalion tactical group has been given combat helicopters [Mil] Mi-8 and Mi-35 from the District's army aviation brigade," the statement said.

The exercise also involves a set of practices in countering attack and reconnaissance drones of a mock enemy.

"Reconnaissance, electronic warfare and air defense personnel will practice detection, target-designation and destruction, or forced landing of unmanned aerial vehicles. Motorized-infantry, armored and sniper personnel will practice shooting at low-flying, low-speed targets with small arms, Infantry Fighting Vehicle weaponry and tanks, using luminescent rockets and rounds as targets," the statement said.

The exercise is planned and will continue through the end of the week, the spokesperson said.