8 Jun 2018 12:28

Xi Jinping says partnership with Moscow is priority

BEIJING. June 8 (Interfax) - China and Russia will continue prioritizing their partnership irrespective of any change on the world scene, Chinese President Xi Jinping said during Chinese-Russian talks in Beijing on Friday.

"No matter how the international situation might change, we will always be each other's foreign political priority and provide strong mutual support for our vital interests," Xi said.

Moscow and Beijing are bolstering bilateral cooperation in the field of the economy, investment, energy, humanitarian affairs, and inter-regional contacts, he said.

"We are active in international affairs and global management and play a leading role in forming a new type of international relations and a community in which humanity will have a common fate," Xi said.

Partnership and strategic cooperation between China and Russia "have reached a new, historic boundary and await the emergence of new development opportunities," he said.

"China and Russia have formed new governments and established effective bilateral mechanisms on the level of deputy prime ministers. I hope that both sides carry on our good tradition and fully use the available mechanisms to achieve further success in their cooperation and strengthen the material foundation of bilateral relations in their pursuit of even more impressive results," Xi said.