10 Jun 2018 17:19

Putin on chances to see Russia back to G8: We did not withdraw from it; will be glad to meet Group leaders in Moscow

QINGDAO. June 10 (Interfax) - Russia has never left the G7 club and is waiting for its leaders in Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin said when talking about the chances to see Russia back to G8.

"As for returning Russia to G7, or G8, we did not withdraw from it. The colleagues once refused to come to Russia for well-known reasons. Please, we will be happy to see them all at home, in Moscow," Putin said at a news conference in China's Qingdao.

Measured at purchasing power parity, according to IMF data, SCO member countries "is already larger than the members of G7", he added.

"If measured in what you call per-capita terms, G7 countries are richer but the SCO nations have a bigger size of economy. And, of course, the number of people there is far larger - half of the people around the globe," Putin said.